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Getting Started

New to Real Magnet? Have a quick and smooth start by learning the fundamentals of our marketing tools. Includes guides and videos on setting up your accounts and the different features available.

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Content Creation

Learn how to create content in Real Magnet. Our guides help you design messages, including mobile and text versions. Articles also cover building templates for later use, managing images, and more.

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Managing Lists & Data

Learn the ins-and-outs of list management and data organization in Real Magnet. Articles cover uploading lists, understanding your unsubscribe options, unique identifiers, and related topics.

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Marketing Automation

Everything you need to get started with Marketing Automation. Learn about setting up different types of campaigns, selecting members, defining goals, and managing campaigns from your dashboard.

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Social Magnet

Use a single Real Magnet dashboard to manage social media marketing across multiple platforms. View analytics that quantify how email and each social channel contribute to your marketing efforts.

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Real Magnet integrates with many CRM and AMS systems.  Eliminate the need for importing and exporting lists, and return rich tracking to your primary database where it can be leveraged for targeting.

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Tracking & Analytics

Learn how to leverage Real Magnet’s extensive analytics. Review the Message Tracking page and the Reports Module (with 50+ canned trend reports). See analytics for Deliverability and A/B Testing.

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Surveys & Events

Stay connected to your customers with surveys and events. Create sophisticated, branded surveys and interactive polls. Manage all aspects of an event: promotion, registration, execution, and follow-up.

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Real Magnet offers multiple ways to customize your account. Turn features on/off and configure default settings to make sure that our tools meet the particular needs of your business.

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