Most email clients will not allow embedded content to display. While HTML5 does allow certain items to be added with the canvas tool, this method is not reliable across platforms.  For this reason, Real Magnet recommends that you link to your video and use a screen-grab or clip of your video as a placeholder.

How to hyperlink your video from an image

    1. Navigate to the location where the video is hosted.
      • Your video must be hosted online to be embedded in an email.
      • If your video is hosted on YouTube, it will be playable within Gmail.
    1. Take a screenshot of the video.
      • Move the play marker to make sure the video is paused during an attractive screenshot.
      • While on the video’s web page, use the Print Screen button to take a screenshot of the video. (For Mac: cmd+shift+3 or cmd+shift+ 4)
    2. Edit the screenshot in any image editing program.
  1. In Real Magnet, use the insert image tool to place the screenshot into your email.​
  2. Link the image to the location where the video is hosted.
  3. Select OK.