This is an Admin level functionality

In addition to Approved Sender, Real Magnet offers Advanced Approved Sender for message approvals. The goal of Advanced Approved Sender is to grant organizations the ability to have one or multiple member(s) of management review the messages of designated senders before the message is sent.

The main advantage of this feature is that it allows Approvees to select their Approvers. Canceled messages are sent back to the Approvee in a notification

An additional option is to send Approvers an email when an Approval is pending. Approvals can even be made from the notification email to the Approver with a complete copy of the email. If you would like the notification feature, please contact


Configuration of Advanced Approved Sender

As an admin user you can configure the functionality of Advanced Approved Sender, once it is enabled, by following the steps below:

  1. Click Tools 
  2. Click Feature Settings
  3. Click Approved Sender
  4. Select your Approvee
  1. If you click Allow user to select own approver for each send select Submit if you need to select Approvers for the user continue to the steps below
    • Once an individual is allowed to select their own approver, this will be displayed to them in a drop down when they elect to Send to Group.
  2. Click Select Approvers Now
  1. Select the Approvers who should approve the message
  2. Check whether All Approvers must approve Message or leave it blank meaning that any of the selected Approvers can release the message from the queue

Similar to Approved sender, an Approver goes to the Message Queue in the Tools tab to approve messages from an Approvee. Or they can approve the message from their email.

To enable this functionality, please contact customer support.