This is an Admin level functionality

The Approved Sender feature helps clients gain greater control over the messages sent from their accounts. This feature is part of the permissions functionality and allows admins to assign individual users any of the following sending statuses, if you require more functionality, you may want to enable Advanced Approved Sender:

  • Approver: The user approves messages and can send without approval
  • Approval required: The Approvee cannot send a message without being approved
  • Approval not required: The user can send a message without approval

When a Approvee selects Send and Send Message to Group, they are allowed to configure the send settings for the message, the message will be sent to the Message Queue but awaiting approval from the Approver.  The message will remain in the Message Queue until it is either approved or canceled.

If the Approver denies the message, it is not sent. The Approvee will not receive any sort of notification email.

Users who do not require approval to send may continue to send messages with no restrictions.

Approvers access the Message Queue by following the below:

  • Click Tools
  • Click Send / Message Queue

The messages requiring approval will be displayed along with relevant information and options related to the message. As the Approver you can select all of the messages requiring approval, or individual messages.  Once the messages you would like to approve are selected, click Approve Messages. If these messages should be canceled – select Cancel Selected Messages button.

It is important to note that messages requiring approval will remain in the queue until the Approver takes one of these actions.  We recommend that should a message be canceled, that Approver notify the Approvee.

Do you require more functionality?  Perhaps you may be interested in Advanced Approved Sender.  To enable for your account please contact customer support.