Real Magnet offers the ability to hide your assets once they are no longer needed.


Hide/Restore Assets may be managed by any user with access to the account and the following permissions. These are already turned on by default for all users.

  • Archive Group Categories
  • Hide Forms
  • Hide Groups
  • Hide Messages
  • Hide/Restore Dynamic Content

Hide Assets

This functionality allows you to tidy up your account by hiding messages, groups, and surveys that you don’t necessarily need, but don’t want to delete. Once hidden, these items will no longer be displayed, in your grid view. Please follow the steps below (in the old interface):

  • Click on the Tools tab.
  • Select Account Management on the left panel.
  • Select Hide/Restore Assets.
  • Specify the tab for which assets you would like to hide (Messages, Groups, or Surveys)
  • Check the box next to each asset you would like to hide.
  • Click Submit at the bottom.

Restore Assets

You can also restore assets by simply unchecking the box next to each asset that is currently hidden. Remember to click Submit at the bottom of the page.