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What is a “Campaign Goal”?

The campaign goal is the ultimate objective you want the recipient to complete.  (For example; sign up for a webinar, […]

What is the Campaign “End Stage”?

The campaign end stage is used in all Call to Action-related campaigns.  After a campaign members receives ALL of the […]

What is Abandonment?

Abandonment is defined as a recipient clicking the Call to Action Link, but NOT completing the goal within a specific […]

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a web page that contains a form where people provide information (name, email address etc.). Real […]

Can I host the Landing Page on my site?

Yes Landing Pages can be hosted on your site. There are two methods:

I-Frame — The iframe is for those who […]

What are Link Labels?

Link Labels are labels assigned to email links to help identify recipients who clicked on links across messages.  You can […]

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What are Tags?

A tag is an attribute that is assigned from a Marketing Automation campaign based on a certain set of conditions […]

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What is a “Wait time Interval”?

The wait time is the interval between the recipient receiving one message and the recipient being sent the next one.

You […]

Can I do a “Save As” on a campaign?

Yes.  Select the campaign from the grid and click the “Save As” button on top of the grid.  Enter a […]

Can I delete a campaign?

You cannot delete a “Running” campaign (a campaign that is deployed). You can only delete campaigns that are in the […]

What types of campaigns can I create?

Real Magnet provides “Campaign Templates” for the most commonly used campaigns.  These are pre-set campaigns where all you need to […]

What if I can’t find a campaign template for my specific campaign?

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can always select the “Workflow Builder” option and build […]

How do I select campaign members?

The are a number of options for adding recipients to a campaign.

When a recipient is in a group (s)

Select one […]

Workflow Builder – Complete Tutorial

Marketing Automation Advanced Workflow Elements
Real Magnet Marketing Automation is built on top of a set of basic elements, such as […]

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What are Actions?

Triggers and conditions evaluate when and what to do with a recipient.  Actions are the actual “thing” that takes place […]

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What are Conditions?

Conditions allow you to specify extra requirements that can be applied to the trigger. For example, a common trigger is […]

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What is a Trigger?

Triggers, as the name indicates, initiate Marketing Automation processing. Nothing happens in Marketing Automation without a trigger.

There are two types […]

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What is an Item?

Each block can contain any number of items. Branches, blocks, and transitions define the campaign structure, while items define individual […]

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What is a Transition?

Transitions are the primary mechanism that moves recipients from block to block. Each block, except for the End Campaign blocks, […]

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What is a Block?

Blocks (sometimes also called Stages) indicate where a participant is in the campaign. There a few important rules regarding blocks:

First […]

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