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Using the New Social Dashboard

Real Magnet’s Social Dashboard gives you one centralized location to manage your integrated social accounts.

Getting to the Social Dashboard

Adding Accounts

Posting from […]

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Click-View Tracking

It is possible to track recipients who clicked links in messages you sent using Click-View Tracking.

Click-View Tracking also shows clicks […]

A/B Testing Campaigns in Marketing Automation

One of the many types of campaigns you can create using Marketing Automation are A/B Testing campaigns. A/B tests allow […]

How to Track Results for A/B Testing Campaigns

The Tracking page for A/B Testing campaigns will show you live results while the campaign is running, and then final […]

How to Create A/B Testing Campaigns

Marketing Automation allows you to create A/B Testing campaigns, in which you can test different versions of the same message […]

How do I randomize question and answer order in surveys?

Your surveys can present answers and questions to recipients in a random order. You can choose to randomize the order of answers within a […]

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Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

On July 1, 2014, Canada implemented a landmark anti-SPAM law to regulate how businesses and organizations send promotional email, text, and […]

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Why can’t I upload certain email addresses?

When you perform a mass upload of email addresses, certain ones (called role addresses) will be rejected.

Role addresses are general emails that […]

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Personify Integration Marketing Automation Overview

Make prospects in your Personify CRM available for your Real Magnet emails. Create new prospects based on responses to your landing […]

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Personify Integration for Landing Pages

The Personify integration for landing pages adds new prospects to your Personify AMS / CRM with a minimum of barriers. When recipients submit a Marketing Automation landing page, Real Magnet can make their information available in your Personify instance. The integration solution is not intended to handle subscription management, or to conduct surveys.
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Salesforce Integration Options Page for Marketing Automation

The Salesforce Integration Options page allows you to manage the integration between your Real Magnet Marketing Automation account and your Salesforce account. Access this page by going to the Automation tab and clicking the Salesforce Integration link on the sidebar, under Campaign Tools.
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Deprecated: Provisioning Salesforce Version 1

Every user in the Salesforce platform that was previously provisioned must maintain credentials are maintained in both Real Magnet and […]

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Salesforce Integration User-Guide

The Real Magnet Salesforce integration utilizes the Salesforce API in conjunction with Real Magnet’s API. It is compatible across all […]

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Integrating Marketing Automation with Salesforce

Why integrate Marketing Automation? Real Magnet Marketing Automation gives marketing users an array of powerful tools to quickly and easily reach sales leads with customized campaigns. Integration with Salesforce allows you to share this information with the CRM system where your sales team spends most of their time. Now your sales team can see the prospect’s response to Marketing Automation campaigns and strategize the best way to engage them. One of the most advantageous aspects of this integration is that you can set up Lead Scoring campaigns in Real Magnet, which assign a point score to campaign members based on criteria you specify. Sales personnel can rank prospects based on their point score and effectively prioritize them for follow up.
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Upgrading Salesforce Integration from Version 1 to Version 2

Real Magnet currently carries two versions of its Salesforce integration. They are known as Version 1 and Version 2 – […]

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Browser-Related Issues with Pixlr

Real Magnet uses the application Pixlr for the embedded image editor.  Recently, there have been issues with some browsers using […]

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Salesforce Integration

com.realmagnet.MagnetLeads.init(‘JgBbHV4wNUam1qnaw6LoiA’); com.realmagnet.MagnetLeads.visitPage();
Real Magnet offers the ability to integrate your Real Magnet marketing platform with your Salesforce CRM. […]

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How do asset permissions work with Enterprise?

Enabling the Enterprise feature for your account allows you to easily share assets between members of your account. Each asset (such […]

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What is an asset?

An asset is anything you can create inside in Real Magnet.  Messages, groups, campaigns, pre-defined return addresses, etc., are all […]

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