Not sure how to begin using Real Magnet? Here are the steps necessary to get started.

Set Up Your Account

Our Getting Started Guide is a brief summary of how to set up your account.

Learn about Real Magnet’s unsubscribe options to manage unsubscribes in a way that is both compliant with spam regulations and best for your customer base.

You can further customize your account with Enterprise features. Enterprise offers the ability to create collaborative teams, as well as setting up custom approval processes for outgoing messages.

Create Content

Read the Quick Start guide for Real Magnet’s editor to learn how to create custom messages and landing pages. You can also manage your image library and create mobile-friendly communications.

After reviewing the Quick Start guide, you can find more in-depth information in our list of editor documentation.

Learn More

The following areas of the helpsite should help you move beyond the Real Magnet basics:

  • Marketing Automation: Real Magnet’s solution for more efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Social Magnet: Integrate your social media marketing with your email campaigns with one, unified dashboard.
  • Integrations: Connect an external database, CRM, or AMS to Real Magnet to better manage your customer community.