When uploading to Real Magnet, each field that is mapped contains a character limitation.  These values are highlighted below.

The maximum characters allowed per field are:

E-mail, Address 1, Address 2, All Custom Fields 100 Characters
First name, Last Name, Phone, Fax, City, State, Zip 50 Characters
Company 200 Characters
Enhanced Custom Field 250 Characters


To identify the non-compliant value(s):
  • Open the CSV file in Excel.
  • Place the cursor in the top Excel field (containing labels A, B, C, etc.), directly on the line separating 2 columns (e.g. between A and B).
  • By double clicking, the field to the left will be extended to the width of the longest value in the column. Repeat this process for each column in the CSV file containing a header.
  • Identify the columns whose widths look as though they exceed the width limits.
  • Scroll down those columns to identify the non-compliant value and either abbreviate or delete the non-compliant value.

If your upload contains records that exceed these limitations, it will be highlighted in your reject file.  You can download your reject file for your uploads from the Tools tab.