It is possible to track recipients who clicked links in messages you sent using Click-View Tracking.

Click-View Tracking also shows clicks for links which were in previous versions of the message, but were then removed.

Access click-view tracking with the following:

  1. Click the Track tab.
  2. Select a message.
  3. Click the Track button.
  4. Under Message Sent Results, click the Click-View link. A new window will appear.

At the top left of the window, there is a drop-down titled Previously Sent Versions of this Message. Use this drop-down to select different versions of the message.

“Versions” correspond to the snapshots used to send the message. In order to be selectable, the message must have been scheduled to send to a group/individual, or it must have already been sent by a Marketing Automation campaign.

Since the same snapshot can be used for different send actions, multiple send actions may be incorporated in the same version. Versions are listed by either 1) the last send date for the version (if it was sent by Marketing Automation), or 2) the last scheduled send date of each version (if sent to a group or individual). The last scheduled send date may be in the future.

The data shown for each version is only for that version.