Below are the considerations that must be made before you upload your first list.

Unique Identifiers

Every database-driven system has a way to enforce uniqueness on records to avoid duplicates. Real Magnet offers two options for determining uniqueness:

  1. Email address
  2. Unique ID (custom member ID)

The default setting has the recipient’s email address as the unique ID.

If the latter is selected as an account option, the maintenance of duplicate records is the responsibility of the user/client. It is for this purpose that Custom ID as the unique identifier is only recommended if there is an accompanying AMS, and recipients are not added to Real Magnet that do not exist in said AMS.

Email as a Unique ID

When this default option is enabled Real Magnet will create one record only for any single email address.  For every record that contains a custom ID and an email address that uploads to Real Magnet, Real Magnet will create a unique record based on that email address.  (With this option there can be no duplicate email addresses.)


  • Recipients have one email address only in the system and will not be sent duplicate messages
  • Email addresses cannot be overwritten

Custom Member ID as a Unique ID

When custom ID is selected the Unique ID associated with your AMS will become the unique identifier.


  • Every record uploaded to Real Magnet must contain a Unique ID
  • Duplicate email addresses can exist
  • Real Magnet does not validate Custom IDs uploaded to the Real Magnet system
  • Data management is completed by the client team – data should be closely maintained in the database of record

Replacing Real Magnet Records

In Real Magnet there are two options when uploading a list:

  • Adding recipients
  • Replacing recipients

If Replace existing list is selected; Real Magnet will replace the records in the group with the records from the upload. The records being removed are not deleted only removed from the group but remain in the database, and there is no impact on the historical data.

If add to existing list is selected; Real Magnet will only add the records to the group with the records from the upload. Individual records will not be updated or overwritten.

Real Magnet has the capability to enable the replace function as default. To enable Replace as default a request must be made to your Implementation Project Manager or to Support.

Overwriting Real Magnet Records

If Replace is selected, Real Magnet’s default setting to overwrite existing data, based on the unique identifier will overwrite the corresponding data that exists in Real Magnet. This can be particularly useful in instances where there is one database of record that is in the process of being constantly updated.

  • Add to Group will not update individual records in Real Magnet.