Custom Fields are personalized keywords that allow you to insert of keywords for each recipient to personalize an email or fax message. For example, this functionality may be used for a personalized greeting like Hello John, since these values are inserted at the time of send it is especially important that you are mindful of your Custom Field usage, in particular, that the originating data source contains correct information.

Custom Fields are visible to everyone in the account regardless of your Enterprise Asset rules.

All accounts have Custom Fields enabled if you would like to enable Enhanced Fields contact Real Magnet’s Support Team.


Initially all users have access to Custom Fields in Real Magnet, however, administrative users may limit access to these fields.  The specific permission that would need to be enabled for Custom Fields is:

  • Custom Fields


This is an as needed set-up process from the Contacts page in Real Magnet. While Real Magnet comes equipped with 12 default personalization fields, at times you may have your own set that you would like to use in segmentation with Marketing Automation, or even for personalization purposes. Custom Fields cannot begin with a number or be left blank.

These fields should ultimately be reserved in the event you want to use date specific segmentation, there is only a limit of 30 fields available.  Otherwise, you’ll want to use Enhanced Fields.

To configure additional Custom Fields:

  1. Select Contacts.
  2. Select Custom Fields. 
  3. Enter a name for the Custom Field.
  4. If this is a Date field, check the date checkbox.
  5. Select Submit.

Using Custom Fields in Personalization

Once the configuration is completed, you can upload values to Custom Fields, in order for use in Marketing Automation or Message Personalization.


Below are some common problems encountered when working with Custom Fields.

Why can’t I delete my field? 

Custom Fields once created will always require a value in that field, you can remove the details for your recipients by uploading a CSV file with NULL values, or rename the Custom Field but you cannot delete it once created.

Why won’t it create the Custom field? 

Does it start with a number? Custom Fields cannot begin with a number, continually there are also some words and phrases that are blocked by our application.  Most likely you’ll just need to change the field name.

I can’t see my Custom Field choice when I am uploading

At times, especially if you are uploading via an integration, your session will just need to be refreshed.  Log out and log back in and you should be able to view this field.  If this is an Enhanced Field then it is most likely either owned by another individual or Enterprise Team.

Why did some of my uploaded records return an Invalid date field in my Reject File?

Did your upload contain a date custom field? Date fields must be formatted properly in your csv file.  While Real Magnet will convert a great deal many of date fields, it is recommended that your date follow the format: month/day/year, e.g. 01/02/2015.

Why were some of my uploaded records rejected, what is the maximum length of a Custom Field? 

Custom Fields are limited to 100 characters.

I’m using international characters, why is the information skewed when I Preview Personalization?

While Custom Fields are fairly versatile, there are some character sets that it cannot interpret.  Use Enhanced Fields instead.