When you perform a mass upload of email addresses, certain records will be rejected, Real Magnet collects these rejected records into a Reject File. You can find these rejected records from the Tools tab in Real Magnet:

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Select Upload & Export Job Status.
  4. Select the Download File icon.

Your file will contain a line item of each email address that was rejected and why.

mmddddyyyy@realmagnet.com,31-feb-2015,Line 2: Invalid date field (column 1)

Bad Email

  • “Non-ASCII email address

  • “Invalid email address (column N)”

The email address is evaluated to make sure the text is ASCII (characters 0 to 127). Records with a non-ASCII email address are rejected.  This means that Real Magnet may have found invisible data characters in the file.  This can happen when exporting your datasource from a different location, or there may not be an email address in the email field.  Real Magnet requires an email address for every upload.

Missing Unique ID

  • “Email address missing”
  • “Email address and fax number missing”
  • “Custom member ID missing”
  • “Email address and fax number missing or custom member ID missing”

Real Magnet validates every upload to ensure that the Unique ID for your account is contained in the record.  If your Unique ID is Custom ID, this field is required for every record on upload. Real Magnet requires an email address for every upload, if Fax is enabled for this account, then this would be a required field as well.

Invalid Date

  • “Invalid date field (column N)”

Custom fields that are defined by the customer as containing dates are validated to make sure they have a valid date. Quite a few common formats are supported and only unusual dates are rejected (i.e., “Monday, January 1 8:30 PM 2006” would be rejected).

Too few Columns

  • “Too few fields in line (found N, expected M)”

This will occur if you upload a list, and opted to map 5 fields in Real Magnet.  A record with fewer columns than the columns defined in the format file is rejected. This can occur if there are delimiters in your record, for example you have commas inserted into a Company name.

In the message, N is the number of fields found in the record, and M is the number of fields we expected in the record.

Empty Records

  • “Line has no data”

A record with every field empty (i.e., no characters) is considered an “empty”and is rejected. However, records at the end of the file that are empty are ignored since Microsoft Excel export files traditionally can have hundreds of blank rows at the end of a file.

Character Limit Exceeded

  • “Field is too long (field N is M characters, but it cannot exceed Q)”

A record with a field that is too long to be stored in the database field where it is mapped is rejected. You can review the limitation on Custom Fields and Enhanced Fields.

Duplicate Email Addresses

  • “Duplicate contact by email address”
  • “Duplicate contact by email address or by first name, last name, and fax number”
  • “Duplicate contact by custom member ID” (custom Id case insensitive de-duplicate)
  • “Duplicate contact with custom member ID” (custom Id case sensitive de-duplicate)

In de-duplicate processing, duplicates are determined based on the unique ID for your account.  Real Magnet will not upload a duplicate unique ID to the account.  You’ll want to ensure that these records are removed from your file.

Unsubscribed Recipient

  • “Unsubscribed recipient”

Records that are matched to unsubscribed or suppressed recipient are not uploaded to Real Magnet.

Role Addresses

  • Unsupported Email Address

Records that are considered Role Addresses are not allowed into the Real Magnet system.

You can find a listing of these email addresses here.