At times it takes more than segmentation via Advanced Search or Marketing Automation campaigns to manage your recipients. While recipient management should start with team management and before recipients are uploaded to Real Magnet, domains can also be filtered out upon sending your message. This functionality enables users to exclude certain domains from receiving messages.  This tool can help if you see deliverability issues or would like to pause sending to specific domains, etc. and is an all or nothing scenario that will impact all messages sent from your account.

To enable Domain Filter Out, have your account’s admin contact Real Magnet’s Support Team.


Domain filter out may be managed by any user with access to the account.

Adding Domains to Filter Out

Once you have determined which Domains to segment from your send, you can manage these domains from the Tools area.

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Feature Settings.
  3. Select Domain Filter Out List.
  4. Enter the domain names (without the http://www.) into the text box.
  5. Select Submit.

Once enabled, as you send a message to your group depending on the number of domains that are filtered out against, it may alter the send time. Upon sending your message your send page will reflect what domains are being filtered out against.

Filter out on send confirmation screen

Ultimately, filtering the domain can impact your final send number.


Why didn’t my message send to my entire list? 

Did you enable domain filter out? If you enter popular domains like Gmail, AOL or Yahoo – this can drastically impact your send and delivery rate.  Check your domain filter out list.