Quick Start Guide
Want a quick overview of the editor? Download our Quick Start guide for a walk-thru of the advanced editor’s features and functionality.

Understanding the Main Navigation Bar
A comprehensive overview of Real Magnet’s main message navigation toolbar showing Menu, Zones, Design and other tools for creating, editing and saving email messages.

Using Zones
Shape the look and feel of your email messages by adding additional content zones to your email messages. Learn about adding a variety of zones including text, image, dynamic content, RSS, Table of Contents and article sharing zones. Also discussed are custom zones.

Using the WYSIWYG Editor
Add, copy, paste, edit and more with Real Magnet’s WYSIWYG editor. Along with standard text editing capabilities, you can insert and format hyperlinks, format bulleted or numbered lists, insert images and dynamic content, add personalization and more.

Creating Text and Mobile Versions
Learn how to edit text and mobile versions to allow for a completely customized look to ensure optimum recipient response.

Post / Share Articles
Our Post/Share zones allow you to add SWYN sharing on the article level as well as allow you to post each content block directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Images: Insert, Format, Edit & More!
Learn how to import and perform simple formatting of images using the Real Magnet image editor. Resize, edit, designate a hyperlink, add alt text, and align your image for a professional look.

Enhancing Messages with Color Themes
Color Themes allow you to quickly change the color scheme of your email messages. Learn how to apply themes to your email and create new themes to customize the look and feel of your messages.

Understanding User Permissions
Three permission levels – Restricted, Personal and Administrator – allow for variable user access and functionality at the login level. Learn how to determine what extent a user can modify layout, colors, fonts, zones, and templates.

Adding RSS Content to Messages
Populate any message zone with RSS information from your RSS-enabled website, blog or other RSS source. Select the posts you want to show, choose title, pub date, excerpt and/or “Read more…” and your RSS content is automatically placed in your message.