Real Magnet API (REST)
Use this REST API to connect your database to Real Magnet. Aside from the traditional XML, our REST API allows for JSON which is a huge benefit for our customers. JSON is a popular and commonly accepted method of transmitting data.  Additionally, it is much easier to parse. Almost every modern programming language (e.g., .NET, PHP, or Coldfusion) supports JSON.  Using the Real Magnet REST API includes independent functionality like the ability to upload a list of recipients, send through HTML to create a message, and send a message to a group.

Upload and Send API (REST)
The Upload and Send API was designed to batch the upload of a list and sending of a message, as quickly as possible, into one API call or submission. The submission includes just the list of up to 10K recipients, the HTML/TEXT content, and the sending details (i.e., subject line and from address). In this process, there is no ability to manage the message for message category, folder or name. Similarly, this API creates a new group and there is no management of the group. Lastly, the message is scheduled to be sent immediately, meaning it is queued during the submission to the API and will be sent as soon as possible.

Simple Data Transfer (FTP)
Simple Data Transfer (Simple DT) is a method to upload a list of recipients in bulk or on a scheduled basis when no direct integration is available to an AMS or CRM. This solution is designed to access data files on an FTP location. If needed, Real Magnet can host an FTP location for you. With Simple DT, there is an upload configuration tool in the Real Magnet application to map the files on the FTP location to specific groups.   This is managed through the Real Magnet GUI instead of handled programatically.

File Upload API (REST)
This API is used to trigger upload jobs only. This process uses FTP technology. File Upload API can be used for larger data sets because the use of FTP will improve the transmission speed of the actual data set between two networks.   It is important to note that this API will ONLY queue and process the upload with parameters designated. These processing parameters could include, but not limited to, replacing a group or splitting the list of recipients into sampling groups. This API does not deal with the transfer of files to Real Magnet, as that step must be performed separately.  This is handled programatically instead of through the Real Magnet GUI.