Enabling the Enterprise feature for your account allows you to easily share assets between members of your account. Each asset (such as messages, groups, etc.) are ‘owned’ by the individual who created the asset. You can create teams or hierarchies where users can share and collaborate on messages, groups, or other enterprise assets.

Below is a list of assets available in Real Magnet.  The ‘Treated as an Enterprise Asset’ column specifies whether Enterprise sharing rules apply to that asset.  The column has three possible options:

  • Yes: If Enterprise is enabled, then a user will not be able to edit assets of this type created by another user, unless they are both on the same Enterprise team.
  • No:  These assets are visible to all members of an account, regardless of whether Enterprise is enabled or not.
  • Configurable:  You can choose whether Enterprise rules apply to this asset or not.  The default is “Yes”.  To change Enterprise rules for one of these assets, please contact Real Magnet Support.
Asset Treated as Enterprise Asset?
A/B Tests No
Account Level Custom Fields Yes
Activity Calendar Yes
Ad Hoc Email group Configurable
Approced Sender Approvees Yes
Campaigns Yes
Deliverability Tests Yes
Dynamic Content Blocks Yes
Email Templates Yes
Enhanced Fields Yes
Event Templates Yes
Events Yes
Filter Out Domain No
Folders No
FTF Campaign No
Google Analytics Domain List No
Google Analytics Profiles No
Group Category Configurable
Groups Yes
Images No
Integration Unsubscribe Mappings Yes
Marketing Automation Campaigns Yes
Marketing Automation Link Labels Yes
Marketing Automation Tags Yes
Message Category Configurable
Messages Yes
Pre-defined Billing Code Configurable
Pre-defined From Field Configurable
Pre-defined Mapping Upload Yes
Pre-defined Subject Line Configurable
Recipient History No
Reply to Address Configurable
RSS Jobs No
Saved Search Yes
Send Limit Rule No
Send Page Profiles Configurable
Sending Profiles Configurable
Social Posts No
Survey Templates Yes
Surveys Yes
Temporary Groups Yes
Upload and Link Document No