If you create a question using either the multiple choice – single answer (drop down) or multiple choice – single answer (radio buttons) question types, a “Branch” button is displayed in the navigation beneath the question. Click it and a pop-in with the conditional branching options is displayed.

For each answer to the question you select the type of branching you want. There are 3 options:

  • Branch to a new question
  • Branch to an existing question
  • End Survey

Let’s look at each of these in more detail using the following question example:

Will it rain? With the potential answers a) Yes b) No or c) the user does not answer the question

Branch to a new question
If the respondent answers “Yes”, then we want to create a new question titled “How much will it rain? Select the answer “Yes” and the “Branch to a new question” option, then click the “Add Question” button. The new question window will appear where you can create the question. Every time a respondent answers “Yes” to the question “Will it rain?”, the next question to be displayed will be “How much will it rain”.

Branch to an existing question
If the respondent answers “No” then we to display a question which we have already created in our survey. Select the answer “No” and then select the “Branch to an existing question” option. A drop down of all existing questions will be displayed. (If you have created more than one page then a drop down with eligible questions will appear for each page separately). Select the question you wish to branch to and then click the “Add question” button.

End Survey
If the respondent does not answer the question, then you want to end the survey for that person. Select the answer and then select the “End Survey” option. Next click the “Add Question” button. When a respondent does not answer this question and submits the form, he/she will be taken directly to the confirmation page.