Your surveys can present answers and questions to recipients in a random order. You can choose to randomize the order of answers within a question, randomize the order of questions within the survey, both, or neither.

In the interface, this is referred to as “randomization,” which means the ability to put questions/answers in random order. All recipients will still be presented with all questions.

Putting Answers into Random Order

Putting Questions into Random Order


Putting Answers into Random Order

To randomize answers for a question:

  1. When editing a survey, click the Edit button for the question.
  2. Under Row Options, check the box Click here to randomize the order of answers.
  3. You will see a new column called Select to Randomize. Check the answers you would like randomized.
    • Unchecked answers will stay in their current position.


Putting Questions into Random Order

To randomize questions when editing a survey:

  1. Go to Survey Properties and open the Randomize Questions section.
  2. Check Click here to randomize questions.
    • This opens a pop-in with randomization options.
  1. Select whether to randomize questions across all pages, or within the original page.
    • Across all pages will move questions between different pages.
    • Within original page will keep the same questions on the same page, but in a random order.
  2. Select which questions you would like to randomize.
    • Unchecked questions will stay in their current position.
  3. Click Submit when you are done.
  4. To edit your randomization options, click the same checkbox under Randomize Questions.
    • There will now be a new checkbox at the top to turn randomization off.
    • If randomization is turned on for questions, a Randomize Question section will be available when you edit the question.
    • Check or uncheck the box in this section to turn randomization on or off.