Renewal campaigns are based on a date in a custom date field in Real Magnet.  When that date field gets updated the campaign member is moved to the goal stage (“In Good Standing”). Therefore it is important to update Real Magnet with the most recent expiration date for each campaign member.


    • You create a custom field in Real Magnet called “Expiration Date”
    • You set up a daily upload of your recipients and with a field mapped to “Expiration Date”
    • John Doe has has an expiration date of 5/1/2015
    • You set your renewal campaign to send two campaign message, the first 90 before expiration and the second 30 days before expiration
    • It is exactly 90 days before 5/1/2015 and John Does receives the first renewal email
    • 10 days after receiving the email he clicks the link and renews his membership
  • On the next daily upload John Doe’s Expiration date is updated from 5/1/2015 to 5/1/2016
  • The campaign detects that John Doe’s expiration date has been updated and moves John Doe to the “In Good Standing” stage. John Doe will NOT receive the second renewal notice.