One of the advantages of our bridges is that the use of the ASI iMIS Business Objects, iBOS. This means we do not have to make direct SQL calls to record and pull data from the iMIS database.

For the iBOs we are using in the Real Magnet bridge, the iBO, not the bridge, creates these changelog entries. While not convenient, there isn’t a way around that while still using the iBOs themselves. This will create a log for each of your iMIS records like:

Our suggestions to other clients and bridge users has been to run scripts to remove these entries if they are too cumbersome to manage.

Set up a SQL Job with the SQL query. Below are two examples:

  1. Delete from Name_Log where LOG_TEXT like ‘RealMagnet%’ and DATE_TIME < DATEADD(d,-1,getdate())
    1. This deletes every Real Magnet log entry that is older than one day. To change number of days just make -1 in DATEADD to how many days.
  2. Delete from Name_Log where LOG_TEXT like ‘RealMagnet%’
    1. This deletes all Real Magnet log entries.