Real Magnet offers the ability to integrate your Real Magnet marketing platform with your Salesforce CRM.  Information on leads and contacts will now flow both ways, allowing your company to quickly identify the best opportunities.

These instructions are for the basic integration, which does not include Marketing Automation.  The basic integration is required for the Marketing Automation integration.

Before you begin

The first step in integrating Real Magnet and Salesforce is to contact our support team.  Email

Installation Instructions

Log in to Salesforce.

1 - Log into Salesforce


Paste the following URL for the Salesforce package into the browser:

After loading the webpage at that URL, you should see a window similar to the one below:

  1. Select Install for All Users (If your org has specific SOPs for installation, follow those steps.)
  2. Click Install.


Click the Contacts tab. Find and select a contact.

3 - Select Contact


Pull out the tab on the right hand side of the screen and select “Edit Layout”.

4 - Pull Out Tab


On the edit layout screen header, select the “Related Lists” item on the left (in the same panel as “Fields”, “Buttons”, and “Custom Lists”).

5 - Related Lists


After selecting the Related Lists, one of the fields in the panel to the right is “Real Magnet Activity”. Drag this item to the bottom of the related lists and drop it there. Below is an example where we have already dragged it into place.

6 - Real Magnet Activity


Above the “Real Magnet Activity History” label is a small wrench. Click on the wrench and you can edit the properties of the related list display.

7 - Click Wrench


Move “Activity”, “Activity Date”, and “Email Address” from the “Available Fields” panel to the “Selected Fields” panel as shown below.

8 - Move Fields


Collapse the “Columns” bar with the “-” button on the right, and expand the “Buttons” bar with the “+” on the right. Uncheck the “New” button and select the “OK” button. Then in the layout screen header, select the “Save” button.

9 - Collapse Columns


Below is the related list view of Real Magnet Activity that you now have (after data is populated).

10 - List of Activity


Repeat the steps of editing the layout and adding the related list for Leads by first selecting a lead.

In addition to the related lists, there is also a “Real Magnet Tracking” report template under the “Other Reports” type that is helpful in viewing data.