Your organization may want to limit who has access to use certain templates. By assigning template permissions, only logins that are allowed access will see them when creating a new message.

Login Template permissions is a feature that may not be enabled in the account. If you do not have the ability to set login template permissions, contact support or your Client Success Advisor to have this feature enabled.

Helpful Tip:
You must be an Admin in the account to view/edit template permissions.

To manage template permissions, go to the Tools tab and select “Templates by Login” under “Permissions” on the left sidebar.


You can choose to assign permissions for an individual login or by template (to set permissions for multiple users at the same time for one template)


  • When assigning permissions for an individual login, the highlighted templates will be available to that login while the others (not highlighted) won’t.


  • If you are setting up permissions by Template, first choose the template you will be assigning login permissions to:

Then leave all logins that should have access to the chosen template checked or uncheck any you do not want to grant access to.

  • Important: Click on “Save” when you are finished to commit these changes.