In this quickstart guide we’ll walk you through how you’ll ultimately manage third party event promotion via your Real Magnet integration, of course Real Magnet offers its own event platform the below will only apply if you are using the Events tool in netFORUM.  We’ll cover:

  • Preparing your data for a marketing automation campaign
  • Configuring your marketing automation campaign
  • Measuring your marketing automation campaign’s success

Preparing your data for a marketing automation campaign

When you install the Real Magnet netFORUM integration, you can associate a number of your individual queries without run time parameters to a group in Real Magnet.  These are called Upload Jobs.  Each time these upload jobs run, the Real Magnet application makes a request to your xWeb site.  The time it takes for these queries to run can vary based on the complexity of the query variables and your hosting environment. The most basic variables that must be included in a query will need to be:

  1. Email Address
  2. Primary Key

Configuring your marketing automation campaign

Once the upload jobs have been configured you’ll move on to configuring your marketing automation campaign, each campaign should have a clearly defined goal and action.  Once a recipient reaches a goal, there should be a clear path for what happens next.  In this example, the goal will be when a recipient receives the confirmation email for registering.

Measuring your marketing automation campaign’s success

Using the tools available via marketing automation you can track the campaign’s success, in particular how many recipients are meeting the goal (registering).  You’ll also be able to track these metrics from the Recipient Search tool.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know that the campaign goal has been met?
    • When the recipient receives an email with confirmations@realmagnet.com in the BCC and the specific confirmation code of the campaign in the email.
  • How can I exclude individuals from being sent to?
    • Once an individual registers they will not receive any future messages. However, you may have individuals who opt to no longer receive event promotional emails.  If your unsubscribe type is Message Category, once they unsubscribe they will be excluded.  Otherwise you’ll need to select those individuals in the filter out category of:
      • Recipient is in a group Select Group(s)
      • Recipient has a tag
      • Recipient was sent at least 1 message in the last time period
      • Recipient was sent specific messages in the last time period
      • Recipient is in a campaign

Once someone is enrolled in a campaign they never really leave.  It’s best to either exclude recipients by creating a group of these recipients and excluding them on send or suppressing them.