Configuring your campaign

Creating a Fixed Send Date Event Promotion Campaign

You’ll need to create a Fixed Send Date Event Promotion Campaign in Automation. This campaign sends a series of emails driving prospective registrants to register for an event. The campaign keys off of groups in Real Magnet.  You set the number of messages to send.  Recipients continue to receive messages until they either register, or go through the entire campaign without registering.

A prospective registrant is considered “Registered” when they receive the confirmation message. Therefore it is critical to make sure you have configured the confirmation message properly.

  1. Select Automation
  2. Enter a Campaign name
  3. Select Go
  4. Select your industry
  5. Select Fixed Send Date Event Promotion for Campaign Type
  6. Click Select
  7. Select who is in the campaign, for this example:
    1. Recipients in a Group
    2. Both encompases both those that exist in the group as of this moment and those that may be uploaded at a later date
  8. For the goal select I will use E-mail notification code
  9. Select how many messages are in your event promotion campaign, for this quickstart there are 7 messages (these are merely an example and not a recommendation for event promotional campaigns):
    1. Save the Date Message 100  Days Before Event
    2. Early Bird Special Message 90 Days Before Event
    3. Early Bird Special Message 60 Days Before Event
    4. Regular Registration Message 40 Days Before Event
    5. Regular Registration Message 30 Days Before Event
    6. Regular Registration Message 20 Days Before Event
    7. Regular Registration Message 10 Days Before Event
  10. Select Next
  11. Review your Campaign – this is also a place where you can execute a test of this campaign.  You can read more on testing a campaign in Real Magnet Help.
  12. Select Next
  13. Select Schedule Start Date for a Future Date
  14. Schedule your campaign to begin at least an hour before your first message is scheduled to send
  15. Select End Manually
  16. Select Deploy Campaign

Creating your confirmation template

Once you have the confirmation code, it should look like ( ==RM:5678995656666==), you’ll want to update the confirmation template in netFORUM.  You will want to place this code somewhere within the message and add to the BCC field.