In this quickstart guide we’ll walk you through how you’ll ultimately register website visits via your Real Magnet integration.  We’ll cover:

  • Preparing your web page for the Real Magnet tracking code
  • Tracking the website visits in netFORUM

Preparing your data for a marketing automation campaign

Once you have website tracking enabled for your account, Real Magnet will display a snippet of javascript for you to place on your website in order to track visits.  This information will push back to netFORUM overnight and you can configure queries based on this tracking information.

Tracking the website Visits

Using the tools available via marketing automation you can track your website’s success, in particular how many recipients are reaching the page, you can connect your page visits with a campaign but you’ll also be able to track these metrics from the Recipient Search tool.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know that my website has been configured?
    • If you are familiar with HTML you can check the source information for that page, an easier route would be to send an individual email to yourself with a link to that page.  Once you click the link and visit that page this will be logged to your record in Real magnet and you can use the Recipient Search tool
  • How can I include individuals in a campaign?
    • Recipients who have visited a web page is now an option for you to use when enrolling members in a campaign.  Once an receives an email and visits that specific page it will be logged as an activity and not only logged in Real Magnet but will push back with tracking overnight.