Billing Codes are a way to tie an email message back to a specific code you enter when sending the message. This is typically used when there are different departments within your organization and you want to bill each department for the amount of email they send.

On the Send page there is a text box where you can enter a billing code (note: Real Magnet does not supply billing codes as these are internal codes unique to your organization).

In addition to billing codes, Real Magnet also provides another field for Billing Initials.  Both Billing Codes and Billing Initials can be made required fields if needed.

To enable Billing Codes or Billing Initials have your account’s admin contact Real Magnet’s Support Team.


When enabling Billing Codes for your account, your account’s administrative user may determine that only certain users should be allowed to use this functionality.

  • If Enterprise is enabled Billing Codes can be set as an asset

An administrative user may also make this a required field before sending a message. Real Magnet must enable this feature.

Configuring Predefined Billing Codes

Just like the From field you can configure Billing Codes so that a user selects them from a drop down, or enter them on an ad-hoc basis from the Tools page.

  1. Select Message Tools.
  2. Select Predefined Billing Codes.
  3. Enter the Billing Code.
  4. Select Go.

This would also be the same page where you would manage existing billing codes to either edit or delete them.