In this quickstart guide we’ll walk you through how you’ll ultimately create new records in Salesforce.  We’ll cover:

  • Preparing your data for a marketing automation campaign
  • Configuring your marketing automation campaign

Preparing your data for a marketing automation campaign

When you configured your Real Magnet integration account – one of the items added in this configuration were managing what fields are popluated when records are created in Salesforce.  It is important that you determine what fields uploaded to Real Magnet should be populated in Salesforce for both Leads and Contacts.

For example, if you want to populate a custom field in Salesforce called Original Lead Source – you must:

  1. Create that corresponding field in Real Magnet
  2. Map the field relationship
  3. Create a group in Real Magnet
  4. Collect the Campaign ID from Salesforce
It is not recommended that any field created in Salesforce is set to required without also configuring a default value for that field in Salesforce.

Configuring your marketing automation campaign

You’ll be working with a Lead Scoring campaign for this purpose.

Measuring your marketing automation campaign’s success

Using the tools available via marketing automation you can track the individuals in the campaign in Real Magnet. But to track the records created – you will want to focus on the Campaign Members in Salesforce. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know if records are being created?
    • You can check the campaign members in Salesforce.