Real Magnet offers the ability to integrate your Real Magnet marketing platform with your Salesforce CRM. Information on leads and contacts will now flow both ways, allowing your company to quickly identify the best opportunities.

There are two levels of integration available.

Basic Salesforce Integration

The first level for Salesforce integration connects Salesforce leads and contacts to Real Magnet recipients. Information will be shared between the two systems based on a unique Salesforce ID.  Messages sent to the recipients can be added to the Salesforce activity history. You can configure the integration to update the information in Salesforce, Real Magnet, or both based on changes in the other system.

This level of integration is required for the Marketing Automation integration.

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Salesforce Integration with Marketing Automation

Customers who use Marketing Automation can also connect their automated campaigns to Salesforce to make marketing easier than ever before. Leads and contacts can be created in Salesforce when recipients respond to your campaigns. Assign points to prospects based on criteria you specify. Meanwhile, all this information can be made available to your entire company through your existing Salesforce platform.

This level of integration requires that the basic Salesforce integration already be installed.

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