While it’s not ideal, sometimes you need to resend a message to an individual or a group. Real Magnet generally prevents duplicate sends (sending the same message to the same recipient more than once) by matching the recipient ID against the message ID. Essentially,  when selecting Messages > Send > To a Group a recipient cannot receive the same message ID more than once.

If recipients in a group were already sent a message – those recipients would not receive the same message a second time, unless a brand new message is sent. This also applies to Send to Individual sends and then group sends. For example, if a message was sent to a recipient using the Send to Individual method, and if that same recipient is in the group for the Send to Group send, they will not receive it the second time.

 In order to resend a message to the same group, you will first need to re-create the message:

  1. Select Messages.
  2. Select the message name.
  3. Select Save As.
  4. Enter a new message name.
  5. Select Submit

Then use Messages > Send > To a Group to send the new message to the group.

There are a few exceptions to the “duplicate send” rule that are explained in depth below:

    • Sending a message to an individual
  • Sending a message via Marketing Automation

Sending a Message to an Individual

When you utilize either the Ad-hoc or Add Recipients feature when sending a message to a group, this bypasses the de-duplication function. Therefore, be careful to use the Ad-hoc or Add Recipients features to only add individuals you know not to be part of the group or groups to whom you are sending your message.

Sending a Message via Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation does not utilize the same functionality of sending a message to a group, rather messages are sent via a set of rules. Therefore, the deduplication method of matching recipient ID to message ID does not apply.

It is important to note that if a message was sent via Marketing Automation and then sent to the same group (Messages > Send >To a Group) the message will deliver to the recipient a second time. Similarly, if an individual meets the criteria for a Marketing Automation campaign a second time (such as for a renewal campaign), they may receive messages again.


Why did group members not get the email?
Was the message sent more than once?  You’ll have to re-create the message and send to group if you would like to send a message multiple times. Otherwise, the recipients may be suppressed or unsubscribed. If you have a Subscription Management Page (SMP) that requires dual consent, that individual may not have clicked the link in their confirmation email.

Why did group members get the email twice? 
Check your Unique ID (Tools > Unique Identifier) if this is set to Custom ID when the list was uploaded it contained duplicate records. If this is a recurring issue contact our support team.