For integrated accounts, an additional functionality exists with the upload process.  Where any Upload Job created as OnDemand can also execute at the time of send.  This functionality is called Sync on Send.


Users in the Real Magnet account must have the Integration permission of Read Only in order to perform this action.

As an account administrator, these permissions are modified in  Tools > Permissions > Permissions by Login


Sync on Send is a functionality that can be defaulted to checked. This setting can be modified via a case created with Support.

Enabling Sync on Send Per Message

In order to enable Sync on Send:

  1. Create an Upload Job with the frequency OnDemand
  2. Send a Message to a Group
    1. Select the Group from the upload job in step 1

Once the above requirements have been met, the Review & Send Page will reflect the following:

Sync On Send Notice

  1. Click on the Group Name
  2. Check the box under Run Scheduled Upload
  3. At the time the message is scheduled to send:
    1. The query will run in the AMS
    2. The results will upload to Real Magnet
    3. The message will send


If the Sync On Send job fails to process, the following occurs:

  1. An automated system message is sent to the user login that scheduled the message
  2. The message send to that group is canceled