Transactional Messages are email messages that do not require an unsubscribe link in them.  Per CAN-SPAM most messages require an unsubscribe link.  A very clear example of a transactional type message is a receipt.  For more specific information on what constitutes a transactional message please visit:

How to Configure Transactional Messages & Templates in your account:

Step 1: Contact our support team or your Client Success Advisor to enable the feature in your account and confirm that you also have template creation permissions.  It’s a good idea to see our training video on creating a template as well.

Step 2:  Create a Transactional Template.

The key to creating a transactional template is that it will not have an unsubscribe link in the footer.  When creating a new template check the box to denote that this is a transactional template.

This is an important step so that the system processes the message send differently when you’re ready to send your transactional message.  Templates can be switched between transactional and non-transactional until a message uses the template, then it is locked.

Helpful Tip:  It can be helpful to replace the unsubscribe footer in transactional templates to have descriptive text on why the recipient is receiving the message in case they do look for the unsubscribe link.  This can help alleviate recipients marking the message as SPAM.

Once you’ve finished creating your transactional template remember to publish it so that it’s available for use to create a message by users.

Step 3:  Create a Transactional Message.

When creating a message, you’ll see a new section of templates called “Transactional”.  Select the appropriate template and create your message.

Helpful Tip:  You can choose any message category for a transactional message.

Helpful Tip:  If you’d like to limit access to transactional templates for users in the account see our guide on managing template permissions.

Step 4:  Send a Transactional Message.

When you’re sending a transactional message, you’ll be required to check a box that you are in compliance with CAN-SPAM before the message is sent.


Transactional messages will be sent to recipients who are:

  • Unsubscribed from the message category
  • Unsubscribed from all
  • Auto suppressed for inactivity

Transactional messages will not be sent to recipients with other unsubscribe and suppression types.