Every Real Magnet integration requires specific details to not only secure the bridge but to also inherit permissions of a specific user.  For instance, in netFORUM this credential is inherently tied to an xWeb user.  If the password were to change in the integrated product or CRM this credential would also need to be updated in Real Magnet.

WARNING: Changing these values can interrupt your integration leading to failure in tracking or uploading to your integration connected groups.


Initially only integration users are capable of updating the integration settings, however, administrative users may limit access to these fields.  The specific permission that would need to be enabled for Integration Settings is:

  • Integration Permission


To access the integration credential, follow the steps outlined below, since each integration is different the corresponding credential name (xWeb, Auth, etc) will be as well and is explained below.

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select Account Management.
  3. Under Integrations select Integration Settings.
  4. Enter the corresponding password.


The iMIS configuration utilizes the credentials stored in the Real Magnet settings table.  If these credentials change, that would need to be updated in Real Magnet.

  1. Select Customer.
  2. Select Set up tables.
  3. Select General Lookup Validation.
  4. Select Real Magnet Settings.


The netFORUM configuration will utilize an xWEB username and password, note this is only for Version 2 of the integration.


Every 90 days, Salesforce will prompt a user to change their password.  Once this is completed, this will also update the corresponding security token for that user in Salesforce.  When using the Real Magnet Salesforce integration (Version 2) this credential will also need to be updated in Real Magnet.

Real Magnet will need the following details:

  • Security Token
  • Password