It is inevitable that clients will need to update their version of Personify in order to keep up with new functionality and features of Personify.  When this upgrade is scheduled, it is imperative that the Real Magnet integrations team is notified.

Upgrading Personify

Once your upgrade has been scheduled, send an email to  Once the email has been received the integration team will reply with the installation instructions as well as your Auth Token and Mail User ID, two of the credentials necessary for a seamless upgrade.

Technical Details

The Real Magnet integration installation requires the following details in the configuration file: 
  • BaseUri – This is the URL for the service. This URL must use a valid SSL certificate.
  • AuthToken
  • Mail User ID

Connection Strings

The Real Magnet connection strings are encrypted when the installation was completed via the installer tool. However, this connection string does require:
  • Add name
  • Data Source
  • Network Library
  • Initial Catalog
  • User ID
  • Password
If any of these values change, you will need to complete either of the two steps:
  1. Reinstall the installation package: 5 – 10 minutes  OR
  2. Use the decryption tool to update the values: 15 – 30 minutes

Where to install the Real Magnet Integration

This is really determined by the client – wherever the integration is installed the following must be met: 
  • Personify versions: 7.3 or higher
  • Completion of the Implementation Documentation
  • A valid SSL certificate
  • A web server with .NET 4.0 framework installed
  • The ability for Real Magnet’s IP addresses to reach the machine

Real Magnet IP addresses

This information can be found in the installation documentation, ensure that the Real Magnet IP addresses have been white-listed.

Halting Integration Services

Prior to the upgrade, Real Magnet can disable tracking and then re-enable once the upgrade is completed.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure that you supply Real Magnet with a time frame for this upgrade, we can then monitor your Real Magnet integration service, or temporarily disable your upload jobs.
  • Some of these jobs may be connected to a Marketing Automation campaign, it would be best if that Real magnet user were notified that there may be an impact to their campaign.