Steps to upload a list into your account:


  • Ensure the list contains email address (and unique ID if your account is configured as so)
  • We recommend labeling each column in the file (email, first name, last name, etc.).
  • Save as a CSV file

(The following process details steps using the old interface. If you are currently using the new interface, please click on Contacts, click Contacts Tools on the left, then Upload Data)

1. In Real Magnet, click on Contacts
2. Select Upload Data on the left
3. Choose the file
4. Add to new group or existing group, and click Submit

The Map Fields page is where you match the fields of the .CSV file with the fields in your Real Magnet database. This process ensures that the data is imported into the proper fields. As noted earlier, it is recommended to include headers in the .CSV file to simplify this part of the upload process.

If the .CSV file has labels, click the check box that says “The top row of my .csv file contains labels.” If not, leave it blank.

The .CSV field labels are displayed in the left-hand column, and the Real Magnet database fields are displayed in pull-down menus in the right hand column. Match the .CSV field labels on the left with the corresponding Real Magnet fields in the pull-down menus on the right.

After mapping, click the Submit button. You will get a final confirmation page. Click Submit again.

Where can I see the status of my uploads?

On the Tools tab, click Reports on the left panel, then select “Upload & Export Job Status”. Here you can see the status of your current upload as well as information on the 25 last uploads.