When creating a message in Real Magnet, at times you may want to direct your recipients directly to an article, using a Table of Contents. This functionality in HTML is known as Anchors Links.

While we don’t recommend that your message is long enough to require this, you can follow the steps below to use anchor tags.

**Anchor Links are not supported across all desktop or mobile email clients**

Create the Anchor Name

  1. Select just before the line of text that will be hyperlinked to.
  2. Select Add Anchor from the toolbar.
  3. Enter the Anchor Name. Names should not contain spaces as the must be an unbroken line of text.
  4. Select OK.

Hyperlinking the Anchor

  1. Highlight the line of text or image you would like to hyperlink.
  2. Select Insert Hyperlink from the toolbar.
  3. Under Link Type select Link to Anchor.
  4. Select the Anchor Name.
  5. Click OK.