Triggers and conditions evaluate when and what to do with a recipient.  Actions are the actual “thing” that takes place (send a message, add to a group, suppress etc.).

Most triggers, with a notable exception of the Multi Action trigger, allow only one action per trigger.

Action Types

The following action types are available:

  • Send Message –  send messages to participants.
  • Send Notification – send an internal email notification to one or more people within your organization
  • Add to Group – adds participants to a group.
  • Remove from Group –  removes participants from a group.
  • Assign Tag – assign a tag to a set of participants.
  • Remove Tag  – removes a tag to a set of participants
  • Assign Points – works similarly to the Assign Tag but also assigns points to a tag.
  • Set Field Value – sets a custom field value to a certain value.
  • Go To Branch – moves participants to a different branch.
  • Suppress – suppress recipients.
  • Multi Action is a special type of action that allows you to configure multiple triggers and actions within one item.