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Link Labels are labels assigned to email links to help identify recipients who clicked on links across messages.  You can create any number of Link Labels.  Examples of Link Labels might be “Product ABC”, “Annual Meeting”, “Advertiser 1”, “Marketing”, “Newsletters” etc.

Say you have three messages and in each message you have a link to your product page.  You want to set a trigger that if a recipient clicks on any link in any email to your product page, send them a follow up email.  Using Link Labels you can “Label” each of the links with the Label “Product Page” and then can simply set the trigger on the “Product Page” Link Label itself.

Link Labels are assigned to links within the Real Magnet editors.  Click the Link Label tab and select the label to assign.  You can assign more than one Link Label to a link.

Link Labels can be used in a variety of different ways in Marketing Automation campaigns:

As a campaign goal

Send a series of emails UNTIL a recipient clicks on one of your product promotion links and then stop sending campaign emails.

Criteria for campaign enrollment

Any recipient that clicks a “Product Page” link label automatically add them to a welcome campaign where they start receiving a series of timed messages.

Criteria for being “Engaged”

Any recipient that clicks a “Newsletter” link, in one of my last three emails, consider them an engaged recipient.