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A tag is an attribute that is assigned from a Marketing Automation campaign based on a certain set of conditions being met (e.g. recipient clicks a link, recipient submits a landing page, recipient accumulated 100 points etc). You can create any number of tags. Examples of tags might be “Engaged” or “Prospect” or “Member”.

You can search on tags (e.g. find all recipients with tag “Prospect” that have opened 5 emails in the last 6 months).

Also you can use tags as a criteria for campaign enrollment (e.g. add all recipients with the tag “Prospect” to the “Welcome Campaign”


Differences between Tags and Groups

At a technical level, the difference between tags and groups is that a tag is an attribute which belongs to a recipient, while a group is a collection of different recipients.

For the general user, the important differences between tags and groups are:

  • Tags can only be applied and managed through Marketing Automation, while groups can be managed in all sides
  • Tags are intended to be applied and removed quickly and repeatedly to the same recipient. Groups are intended for recipients to be added and removed once.


Managing Recipient Tags

To create a new tag, or edit/delete an existing tag:

  1. Click the Automation tab.
  2. On the left-hand toolbar, click Manage Recipient Tags under Campaign Tools.
  3. From here, you can do the following:
    • Click Add New to create a new tag.
    • Select an existing tag and:
      • Click Show recipients to see a list of recipients who have that tag assigned to them.
      • Click Edit to edit its properties
      • Click Delete to remove it.
        • NOTE: Deleting a tag will delete all tracking history for that tag. If you have a tag you no longer want to use, but still want to maintain tracking for it, you should not delete it.


Assigning and Removing Tags

Tags can only be assigned or removed from recipient records through a Marketing Automation campaign.

You can assign or remove a tag to a recipient through a Marketing Automation campaign by:

  • Landing Page campaigns: Choose ‘add/remove a tag’ as a post-submission action.
  • Lead Scoring campaigns: Choose ‘add/remove a tag’ as a threshold action.
  • Advanced Workflow Builder campaigns: Select ‘add/remove a tag’ as the action within a stage.