This can be a very common scenario.


  • Send a series of emails promoting a webinar, where the webinar registration happens on a third party site
  • Send a series of emails promoting a publication or product that is sold on a third party site
  • Send a series of emails driving recipients to renew their membership/subscription which happens on a third party site

In all of these cases Real Magnet needs to be notified as soon as possible that the recipient reached the goal, so the campaign can stop sending additional emails.  This is particularly important if you are planning on using abandonment in your campaign.

Real Magnet offers an option called “Email Notification Code”– where you configure the confirmation email that is sent by the third party to be BCCd to a Real Magnet email address.

  • When defining the campaign goal, select the option “I will use email notification code”
  • A code will be displayed on the page (something like ==RM:5678995656666==)
  • Take this code and place it anywhere inside the confirmation email that is generated by the third party
  • Configure the third party confirmation email to be BCCd to

Example: webinar promotion

  • John Doe receives a campaign email about the webinar
  • John Doe clicks the link in the email and goes to the third party webinar registration page
  • John Doe registers for the webinar
  • John Doe is sent a confirmation email from the third party site
  • John Doe’s confirmation email is automatically BCCd to
  • Real Magnet receives the email, finds the Notification Code and moves John Doe to having Reached the Goal
  • John Doe will not receive additional campaign emails