Blocks (sometimes also called Stages) indicate where a participant is in the campaign. There a few important rules regarding blocks:

First Rule: A campaign participant can only be in ONE block in any given moment in the campaign

While a participant is in a block there can be any number of rules (or Items) that apply. For instance, on the example below the block has a send message item as well an abandonment item.


It is important to understand that all these rules (or Items) apply only to participants who are in that block.

Second Rule: ALL items in the current block apply to all participants in the block

When a participant is in a block, all rules within that block are applied to that participant.

Third Rule: Rules related to the Goal, apply to ALL participants in ALL blocks

No matter which block a participant is in and regardless of where that recipient is within the block, any time the participant meets the criteria for the Goal, they are immediately transitioned to the Reached the Goal state

Types of Blocks

There are several types of blocks:

  • Enrollment block. The very first block of the first branch defines enrollment. It defines which participates will be included in the campaign.
  • End Campaign block. This block does not have any rules and signifies that a participant has reached the end of this branch. For instance, if your campaign sends a series of messages it means that all messages in the series have been sent to these participants.
  • User block. This block can define any number of Items, and within these items configure the rules that apply to participants.