Advanced Workflow campaigns usually consist of a number of branches, where each branch represents a path that recipients can take within your campaign. By default, all campaigns start with only branch called “Main Branch”:



Tip: You can click on the name of the branch to rename it.

Managing Branches

You can add any number of branches to your campaign by simply clicking “+ Add Branch” button in the rightmost column on your screen:


Once you add a branch you can delete it by moving your mouse over the branch name and clicking on the little trash button on the right:


Blocks & Transitions

Branches contain various blocks and transitions between these blocks. In each branch, recipients always transition from the topmost block towards the block on the bottom. When a recipient is transitioned to a different branch he or she will start at the top of the branch.

Example: Abandonment Branch

A webinar campaign sends 2 promotional messages. If a recipient clicks the link leading to the webinar event registration page and does not register within a certain number of hours, we want to send an abandonment message with a 10% discount.


The campaign has 2 branches. The Main Branch sends the two promotional messages 3 days apart. It also contains a transition to the abandonment branch based on recipient clicking a link.

When the recipient is transitioned to the Abandonment branch they will immediately be sent an abandonment message, because that is the first block in the Abandonment branch. The campaign gives recipients 5 hours (this time interval can be set to any amount of time) to interact with the abandonment message, at which point we consider this campaign ended for the recipient.

One start and multiple end

All campaigns have one starting point: the very first (topmost) block of the first branch. All enrolled participants start there and work their way through the campaign.

As you see in the example above there can be multiple campaign endings. There is one in the Main Branch and one in the Abandonment Branch. Each branch will have an ending block where recipients in that branch will eventually end up. For reporting purposes this can help you see which path recipients ultimately took and where they ended up in the campaign.