Abandonment is defined as a recipient clicking the Call to Action Link, but NOT completing the goal within a specific time frame. This simply means that the recipient has taken a different fork (turn) in your campaign road.

For example, your Call to Action is a Webinar Registration.  The recipient receives the email and clicks the link to register but does NOT register within 5 hours of clicking the link.  The recipient is considered “abandoned” and will start receiving a different set of messages than those who have clicked the link and completed their registration. 

To set up a separate abandonment branch you will need to configure the following:

  • Select which messages you want to apply the abandonment rule to.  For each message, you need to select which link(s) will trigger the abandonment process. It is very important that this be set for each message. You want to make sure that recipients who HAVE reached the goal do not get confused with those who have not. Otherwise, there is the risk that they will receive two different sets of messages.
  • Define the amount of time to wait to consider the recipient abandoned. This is the amount of time between when they click the link and do NOT complete the goal.
  • Set up a series of messages to send with the appropriate wait time interval.