An asset is anything you can create inside in Real Magnet.  Messages, groups, campaigns, pre-defined return addresses, etc., are all assets.

Asset Ownership

Assets are assigned to a particular login.  By default, they are assigned to the login under which they were created.

Users with admin privileges can change the ownership of an asset as follows:

  1. Click the Tools tab.
  2. Under ‘Account Management’, click Manage Asset Ownership.
  3. Click the tab for the type of asset for which you would like to change ownership (e.g., ‘Messages’, ‘Groups’, ‘Events’, etc.)
  4. Select one or more assets you would like to transfer.
  5. Click Submit.

Enterprise Assets

If you have the Enterprise feature enabled for your account, then users can access other users’ assets if they are on the same Enterprise team.  To learn more about asset permissions for Enterprise, please read here.